Thank you Adam for your very kind letter. One of many that we receive every month!

‘I am writing to thank you and your team at The Local Herald for all your hard work.

As you know I run a small gardening buisness and four months ago I decided to advertise with yourselves. In that time my client base has grown by over 50 percent and I receive calls on a regular basis from customers who got my number from The Local Herald.

Once again thank you and your team for all your hard work.’

Kind regards
Adam Culshaw
Culshaws Gardening & Handyman Services.


I have just received your April edition of the Herald, once again Les I would like to take this opportunity of thanking you for the help you are giving to our Rotary Club.

You have inserted 3 relevant articles on page 4, with good coverage relating to our Charity Walk which takes place on Sunday 19th May.

The quality of your monthly Herald is excellent, and you and your staff are to be congratulated for a most readable publication.

Michael Jackson
The Rotary Club of Church and Oswaldtwistle


To all the team at the Herald can I say a big thank you for your support for
my Charity Night. Thanks to your brilliant advert in September the show
was sold out within 18 days of you releasing the issue. The Houghton
Weavers were also in praise of your efforts. It proves the selling power of
the Herald and I will certainly use it again, maybe for the next big Charity

Once again many thanks.
Lennie Herbert, Promoter


Hi Les,
although I have thanked you in person, I wanted to write and thank
you and the team at the Herald for all your promotion of the Pendle Witch
Walk prior to the event and for your continued support to Pendleside
Hospice. Thank you once again for contributing to the success of Pendle
Witch Walk. We really do appreciate your continued support of the
hospice. It has been a huge pleasure working with you!

Kindest regards.
Pendleside Hospice


My daughter lives at Redcap, Blackburn and saves her editions of
your brilliant publication for me!!!! I lived in Blackburn until 2004,
now Southport, and I enthuse about keeping in touch with local news,
businesses and NOT LEAST OF ALL  the most welcome humour! You
have a great team!
Thank you.


can you remind me how to put a advert in your next edition.
I advertised a bike a few months ago and got a fantastic response. The
phone didn’t stop ringing for weeks!

Steve Whitehead


I thought it may be of interest to you that your circulation is in fact international.
I currently live in Gt. Harwood and look forward to receiving my copy of the Herald, which I read from cover to cover loving the stories & jokes. I have added a few to the bottom of this e-mail for you to groan and moan about.

I then pass it onto my parents who live in Brierfield.
These then get posted to a family friend Alan Johnson who resides in Australia, Freemantle to narrow it down somewhat. Alan used to live in Clayton-le-Moors and enjoys reading about the goings on in his old hometown and surrounding areas.
It then gets photocopied (apologies for any copyright issues) and distributed amongst Alans work colleagues (who think it is brilliant).
Alan on a regular basis, rings up chasing his copies of the Herald. I currently have the last three issues which need passing on.
If at all possible, a mention to your global audience would be greatly appreciated.

Clare Duckworth


I am a fan of your newspaper but have only got a few copies.

My mum was here in Australia on a recent visit and brought them with her
I know the paper is for locals and Australia is hardly local, but I used to be a local
I have really enjoyed reading what is going on in the area and have laughed at all the funny stories

Do you have an email list that you use for sending copies to
I would love to be on it.

Thank you and regards
Amanda Metcalfe


I would just like to say how much I enjoyed the local herald, I was given a copy by a friend, I found it informative, interesting and very amusing. I think you should extend your range to Lower Darwen.

Stan Melling
Lower Darwen


My Mum sends us the Herald each month as she knows we enjoy a chuckle at the funnies, I saw the Lentil bake Recipe and, despite the Editor’s comment, thought I’d give it a try, as we do enjoy the odd meatless meal. I did add a few herbs to the recipe. We have just polished it off and I have to say it was truly delicious!
Thank you for keeping us entertained and more recipes please.

Cris in Norfolk


I would just like to thank you all for a great read, I used to make sure my
reliatives in Accrington saved there copy for me now I have my own. Thank
you very much.

Chris from Burnley


Dear Sirs,

My wife and I own a caravan and camping site in North Wales and whilst sorting the rubbish I came across a few copies of your Burnley Herald.
We laughed so much at the humerous tales and found ourselves chuckling away hours after – it was a real tonic.The serious articles were very interesting too a jolly good all round read. I only wish there was one around here but as there isn’t, is it possible to subscribe by mail?

Neil Butleigh-Jones


Whole heartedly agreed with Michael Jacksons comments, the Great Harwood edition of the Herald gives great coverage to all that we are doing for our local and international communities. Can’t wait to see the Great Harwood show programme, which will be published by Les and the team this year. Hope to see a good turnout at the show this year.

David Shaw
Great Harwood and Rishton Rotary Club

General comments received from our Distributors from our readers:

The is the best thing that drops through my letter box.
My husband died some time ago and the Herald was the only thing that made him smile and laugh when he was ill.

2 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Paula Hunter

    Dear Herald
    I WON !!!!! Yaaay !
    Just returned home from a rather scarey stay in hospital to find your letter awaiting my return behind the door
    Wow it cheered me up no end to know I won the tickets for the Royal Lancs Show
    Made my homecoming very special
    Thank you so much and all power to your (Probably seg covered !! elbows )
    We will certainly enjoy our day at the Show with wellies and brollies to make sure the rain stays away !
    Thanks again
    Paula Hunter

    • admin

      Hi Paula,
      so sorry to hear you haven’t been well. We hope you are on the mend now.
      Oh what a fabulous thing to come home to.
      Congratulations on winning the tickets, we hope you had a fabulous time!
      If you have a pic or two you would like to us to put on our facebook page, then please send to design@thelocalherald.co.uk
      Al the best Lisa & The Local Herald team x

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